Free up and monitor your memory

Memory clean is a very popular app and it can be very helpful in situations where you need to clean up, free up and monitor your memory. Not only that it cleans and optimizes your memory but, this is the only memory cleaner that reports used memory in a proper and correct way. You will be able to always get the right data about how much memory you have left.

This memory cleaning app is way more efficient than any of its alternatives. The standard memory clean feature can free up more memory, almost double the amount, than some other applications. You can even buy an in-app for memory clean that will unlock some additional functionality within the app itself.

Extreme clean makes use of the advanced cleaning process that will free up more memory than any of the standard cleaning methods. This can be especially useful for people who are into web design and development. They usually need a lot of free working memory for their tasks and projects and that is why memory clean is perfect for them.

With the additional in-app purchase like extreme clean mode, they can safely free up more memory than ever before without any damage to their projects and the machine they work on. Such a powerful solution is the result of years of research in order to find solutions how to improve the memory cleaning services because the standard methods were not efficient enough.

The additional memory

cleanNow, this app can free up a lot of memory that can be used and the amount of this additional memory depends on some factors. Total and current free RAM available, number of apps running at the moment, these factors will greatly determine the amount of additional memory that can be freed up. You can get up to 1,5 GB more RAM than any other standard cleaning mode.

If you are doing some web design project that takes a lot of RAM, this could be very useful to you. Your performance does not need to slow down in the middle of your work because of insufficient RAM anymore, you now have a good and safe way how to improve your performance and get more additional memory.

On top of all that, this app has a really good interface and amazing user-friendly experience. It is the best memory cleaning app in the market and it can largely improve your performance.